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5 Reasons I Love Buffer – Social Media Tools

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Adding Buffer to my workflow has made tweeting more manageable. It is one of three simple but powerful social media tools I am sharing with you. Fill it up with some of the great articles and infographics you find while browsing or going through your RSS reader each day. Add retweets and share the best Twitter folks you know.

Buffer tool Dashboard

Here are five more reasons for you to check out Buffer.

1. Ease of use

It is so easy to keep your buffer filled with tweets. The free version allows 10 buffered tweets. I use the paid version ($10/month) for a 50 tweet capacity. Add the Buffer browser extension or bookmarklet you your browser toolbar and add items as you see them during the day. Buffer bookmarklet app is also available for your iPhone and iPad. This allows you to add items to your buffer as you please while using Safari on your mobile devices.

2. SocialBro integration allows you to synchronize your followers and determine the best time to tweet

SocialBro is another amazing social media tool I am showing you today which allows you to manage and analyze your Twitter account in some very interesting ways. Best Time To Tweet is an amazing feature. This allows you to see when your top followers are online. Using this data SocialBro hooks into Buffer and lets you adjust your tweet times. It is recommended that you do this weekly.

SocialBro Best Time to Tweet

3. if this then that hooks – Set up a Recipe in ifttt that automatically adds starred articles in your Google Reader to Buffer

ifttt is very handy. It basically means if this happens then do that. Using a Channel like your Twitter account you set a Trigger such as starring articles in Google Reader and an Action like send a tweet to Buffer and. Some of these tasks are available as Recipes. There is a Recipe in ifttt called “Send Google Reader items tagged ‘buffer'”. This allows you to star great articles as you read them in Google Reader. If you have this Recipe turned on, the starred tweets will be automatically added to your Buffer.

ifttt Google Reader to Buffer Recipe

4. Leverage your time

By automating some of your tweets each day in advance you can work on other aspects of your social media
Build buffer into your social media publishing calendar. I like to keep my buffer filled up with a base of tweets for 1 to 2 weeks at a time in advance.

Buffer Tweet Schedule

5. Stability

Buffer is very stable and highly available to use. I keep it open in a tab on my browser all the time.

Overall Buffer app is pretty awesome in my book. There are a few things as always that could make it even better.:

My wish list

A bigger buffer size (# of tweets)
An easier way to calendar in regularly posted weekly tweets such as reminders for upcoming weekly #chats*

*I currently use Twuffer which is great for this particular repetitive task.

*UPDATE: I just realized that Buffer supports Facebook too. Yipee!!!

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