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My Insights About the 2012 Social Media Networks Report were published Today! –

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My insights about the 2012 Social Media Networks Report were published Today!  Thank you Brian Chappell!

Part of my plan to provide maximum social media value to my readers includes, guest blogging and being quoted in reports, in addition to regular blog posts here.

From Brian’s post:

The 5th year of our social network analysis brought to light some interesting trends regarding Social Networking. Instead of pointing out specifics from our findings, we thought it might be interesting to ask several other social media practioners what they thought about the future of Social Networks. We asked the following 21 individuals these 3 questions:

1. Do you think social networking has hit a saturation point and peaked in user interest?

2. Compared to what happened to MySpace, what do you think is the future of Facebook?

3. For businesses and brands that are just starting to ramp up in 2012, what new social networking trends do you see going forward?

Read my response on the Ignite Social Media blog here, The Future of Social Networks as Interpreted by 21 Social Media Practitioners.

I am so pleased to join 20 other social media folks including Mark Shaefer, Justin Flitter, and Geoff Livingston.

Delivering on my promise way back in June to “…provide the best insights on social media, analytics, and tools that I can.”.

What are your impressions of the future of social media networks? Do share what you think in the comments below.

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