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Fiverr Review – A Great Way to Sell Your Services Online

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Fiverr is the hottest website that you have never heard of.  Find out what the big deal is.  Learn how to make money with services that only cost $5.  Once you create a gig you still need to promote it properly.  Read on for a ton of tips.



From Wikipedia:

Fiverr, stylized as fiverr, is an Israel-based global online marketplace offering tasks and services starting at $5.


What’s fiverr all about?

Fiverr gets a ton of traffic.  According to Alexa, has an Alexa Traffic rank #184 in the World!  Traffic has been steady for 2012.  This 24-hour marketplace makes it easy for anyone to sell their services at such small price it is easy for customers to say “yes”.  There are similarities to eBay except that rather than products you are selling services.  Using your skills you can come up with service offers known as “gigs”.

Gigs can range from a funny custom video message to marketing tips.  To create a gig you need to come up with an accurate and searchable name and description with tags.  Then you must choose a category and sub-category too.  Popular categories (taken from include Online Marketing, Music & Audio, and Video & Animation.  Plus you need to add at least an image and preferably a video to explain and promote your gig.  Additionally you need instructions for the buyer and number of days to complete and deliver the gig.


How Do I Make Money at $5 a Pop?

Obviously you can do volume, and that adds up fast.  Also, your customers have the option to buy more than one when purchasing a gig.  Even though most gigs are listed at $5, it is possible to make much more.  Once you become a “Level 1” seller you can offer “Gig Extras”.  Gig Extras are in effect “upselling”.  Upselling is where you can induce a customer to buy additional items to increase the total sales price.  Your gig may cost $5 but at Level 1 you can offer Extras like performing your service multiple times or delivering in fewer days.  This is what can make fiverr more like fiftyer!

On top of upselling you can also cross-sell your other gigs.  Cross selling is where you offer and sell the same customer something different from what they are already purchasing.  To do this you need to have more than one gig available.  Once you have your first gig up and running, it is crucial that you launch additional gigs as soon as possible.  Think of other services you can sell to your clientele.  If your first offer is making a promotional video think of selling something related in addition like a “How To Make Promotional Videos” eBook as a second gig.  You have proven yourself as an expert by selling the promo video gig, now it should be much easier to sell the “How To” eBook gig.


Ways to Promote Your Fiverr Gigs

There are so many ways to promote your gigs if you are especially creative.  Even with all the traffic fiverr receives you still need to drive customers to your specific gigs.  Here are 10 ways to do just that.


TOP 10 Ways to Promote Your Gigs on Fiverr


Include links to your fiverr gigs on your blog and blog posts.


Share your fiverr gig links with your followers on all of your social media networks.


Use Craigslist to advertise your offers.


Make a YouTube video to promote your gigs.


Include a link to your fiverr gigs in your email signature file.


Also include a link to your fiverr gigs where appropriate when posting to forums.


Use your fiverr gig link where allowed when commenting on blogs.


Create a press release for your gigs.


Initially ask friends and family to buy your gigs so you can get to Level 1 faster.


Make sure you get positive reviews from each customer, as a “100%” gig rating looks great.


Fiverr Resources

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My Fiverr Gigs For You! 

Fiverr is an amazing place to sell your services.  Move forward on your New Year’s resolutions to increase your revenue and jump aboard.  Now that you are loaded up with ideas and ways to promote your first gig, get to work!


Have you tried to sell anything on Fiverr?  Tell us all about it in the comments below.


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