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Used by IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, GM + more! Hire me for your social media marketing needs: http://bit.ly/hiremesocial Klout 77 Social Media Strategist + Influencer 15+ years Marketing Experience. Backed 200 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco.

Crowdfunding expert: http://bit.ly/1oNVr7Z

Massive Followers: Twitter 40000, Google+ 7600, Facebook 2500, and Pinterest 3900.

Now writing for Examiner.com


Alexa rank

PeterTrapasso.com is in the Top 200,000 in the US of all websites! (Top 1,000,000 of all web sites in the World)

And in San Francisco (#13,000).


Technorati rank

This blog has a Technorati Authority score of 405 and is ranked in the Top 1% of all blogs (out of 1.3 million). Technorati also ranks PeterTrapasso.com in the Top 1% all  Technology blogs.



Twitter: 26,000+ followers https://twitter.com/petertrapasso

Reach: 1,000,000 (95th perecentile)

Top 200 most followed people in San Francisco: #175


Social Scores

Klout Score: 77 (99th perecentile) and a Top Klout Influencer and Thought Leader.

My PeerIndex score is 73 and rising. (99th percentile)

My Kred score is 789 out of 1000 for influence and 8 out of 10 for outreach.   And a Kred Social Media VIP!



PeterTrapasso.com is on the Alltop Social Media page.

Top Klout Influencer and Thought Leader

And a Kred Social Media VIP

I am also a Socialbakers Ambassador.


More Stats

I have a 100 percent Twitter Influence Percentage as reported by Twitter Grader.

My ReTweet Rank is higher than 97 percent of all Twitter accounts tested.

I also rank in the 95th percentile of all Twitter users according to Twitalyzer


My book reviews on Amazon.com

I was interested in technology and its uses since I was a kid. I was hooked from the time I was 11 years old and had my first computer, an Atari 800.

My work background is primarily in the tech space as a web architect, webmaster, and corporate technology instructor. I even formed an IT consultancy (LLC) with a partner part-time for a year.

In the late 90s I served as webmaster for an award-winning web zine. I also racked up over 100,000 miles over 2 years criss-crossing the country conducting classroom-based technology training. I was a true road warrior in working for a startup during the dot-com boom. For 11 years I worked for Sun Microsystems as a member of the corporate web publishing team responsible for sun.com. Currently I a self-employed social media and analytics freelancer in San Francisco

My interests are web analytics, social media, blogging, and software tools. To paraphrase Michael Q. Todd, “We must get known, liked, and followed. Then promoted and shared for social media success.”

I am happiest in situations where learning is not only possible, but encouraged.



Peter Trapasso

Social Media Consultant



Peter Trapasso, self-taught social media expert, is the owner of PeterTrapasso.com, listed on Alltop Social Media. As part of a 14+ year corporate career in technology he worked for Fortune 500 and startup companies. Also one of the 200 most followed people on Twitter in San Francisco and a Top 100 Klout Influencer.

He is also a guest blogger and writer on many popular social media blogs including, LeadersWest.com (writer monthly contributor), JeffBullas.com, MichelleSchaffer.com, and SocialMediaLedger.com (Regular contributing blogger).

He also volunteered for 2 pro bono social media analytics projects  using Google Analytics through the Analysis Exchange. And worked with a mentor and a non profit client each time to help them improve their social media measurement, analysis, and marketing campaign efforts.


Top 150 in Blogging and Facebook on Klout (Top +K recipient). Top 20 in Analytics on Klout (Top +K recipient).  Top 100 in Klout (Top +K recipient).

I am available for hire

I am interested in projects involving social media, web analytics, blogging, and some web publishing. Working with clients I have helped them to improve their social media engagement and track their campaigns using Google Analytics. As a senior web publisher, working on a large scale Fortune 500 web site for 11 years, I launched and maintained many hardware product pages on sun.com through end of life. I would prefer to work in San Francisco where I live, remotely, or off-site/on-site combination. Full-time, part-time, or contracting.

  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn profiles- Account creation, content creation, publishing, training, measurement and analytics
  • Analytics: Social media and Web Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Blogging: including content promotion, SEO and keyword selection
  • Web Project Management
  • HTML
  • WordPress 3 CMS with Thesis

Contact me at:

Email: contact at petertrapasso dot com

Or using my Contact Form.