Big data marketing (Infographic)

Big data marketing (Infographic)

Big data marketing (Infographic)

Big data marketing (Infographic)

Big data marketing is leveraging huge data sets being produced today and using analytics to better target customers. This analysis can provide more accurate decision making, time management and segmentation of your customers. It can even enable real-time marketing. Especially when paired with your companies’ social media channels. The value of the big data market is expected to skyrocket 261% from $18.1 billion in 2013 to $47 billion by 2017.

What is big data defined?

Big data defined is increasigly large amounts of data that tend to overwhelm existing database tools. The sheer volume of data being produced is incredible. An estimated 90% of all data was gathered in just the past two years.

Big data and analytics

Big data and analytics go hand in hand. By using distributed processing, cloud storage and data-management strategies, valuable insights may be teased out. Most marketers plan to implement a big data analytics solution in the next two years. A strong partnership with IT is crucial for this to be a success.
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The Benefits of Big Data Marketing!

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How does your company plan to use big data marketing?

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(Infographic source: Photo by planeta via Flickr.)

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