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Follow Me as I build my Social Networks and Revenue Streams into 2013! – Part 1 (November 2012)


I decided to try something new today and share how I got to where I am today in social media.  Anyone who is willing to learn, put in the long hours, and do the hard work can achieve this too.  In this post I will show you all my social networks as they are today and what my goals are for 2013.  In Part 2 I will go over my 2013 goals for multiple revenue streams related to this.  This is the start of a series that I will update at least monthly so stay tuned!

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My journey started 1 year ago (Fall of 2011).

I had 9 Twitter followers and about 50 Facebook friends (mostly from high school and college days – sound familiar?).  Pinterest was new, Instagram just a fluke, Google+ (huh?).  What is this “FourSquare” thingy?

And my blog, PeterTrapasso.com was a nice piece of prime but undeveloped online real estate.

Fast forward to today; Now I have 20,000 Twitter Followers, 100% REAL (98% Active), engaged people too!

20000 Twitter REAL Followers PeterTrapasso.com

I am #194 Most Followed in San Francisco and #314,555 globally.


My recent TweetReach stats:  Reach 238,045, Exposure 868,234 Impressions, 13 Retweets, and 6 @Replies

Tweet Reach Peter Trapasso 11.12.12

I have 0 FAKE ACCOUNTS out 20,000!  All real people and 98% are active.

My 2013 GOAL: 100,000 Followers

Follow Me on Twitter

My Social Scores are very high!


My klout score 73, I am a Thought Leader, and #113 Klout Influencer!

#113 Influencer on Klout and 73 Klout Score Peter Trapasso 11.12.12


Kred is a competitor to Klout and probably #2 in social scoring.  I just received an email from CEO Andrew Grill today.  As you can see below, I am now a Kred Social Media VIP.  I am not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds good.  I assume that it puts me somewhere below Community Leader and Top Influencer.  My score is 773 (out of 1000) for Influence.  So far, so good.

Kred Social Media VIP email from CEO for Peter Trapasso 11.15.12



PeerIndex rounds out the top 3 in social scoring.  My score of 73 (out of 100) matches my Klout score and that makes sense to me.

PeerIndex Peter Trapasso 73 Score 11.16.12


Trustcloud is a beta service that I just joined.    I believe that it is a measure of my trustworthiness based upon a scale of 1 to 1000.  All I am waiting on is my Trustcloud postcard now.

Trustcloud Peter Trapasso 806 Score 11.16.12Naymz

89 out of 100 on Naymz = Elite Status!

Naymz Peter Trapasso 89 Score Elite Status

1,600+ Facebook Friends

My 2013 GOAL: 5,000 Friends (Account Max)

Friend Me on Facebook

1,500 Pinterest Followers

Pinterest Peter Trapasso 11.12.12

My 2013 GOAL: 10,000 Followers

Follow Me on Pinterest

500+ Instagram Followers  (11.16.12)

Instagram Peer Trapasso 11.12.12

My 2013 GOAL: 75,000 Followers

FOLLOW Me On Instagram NOW!

1,500 Google+ Followers

Google+ Peter Trapasso 11.12.12

My 2013 GOAL: 20,000 Followers

Join Me on Google+ Today!

415 LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn Peter Trapasso 11.12.12

My 2013 GOAL: 500+ Followers

Are We LinkedIn?

125 Foursquare Friends

My 2013 GOAL: 1,000 Friends

Are We Foursquare Friends?

My blog PeterTrapasso.com today.:

Blog traffic:

11.16.12 500 uniques/ month

My 2013 GOAL: 10,000 Unique Visitors per day


How did I do all this you ask???


Hard work.


I built each network up by hand and continue to do so daily.


Follow my blog and Follow me on all of my social networks to learn how!



Eric T. Tung  (Top Social Media Influencer)

EricTTung LinkedIn Recommendation for Peter Trapasso

Jim Dougherty (Top Social Media Blogger and Influencer)

Jim Dougherty LinkedIn Recommendation for Peter Trapasso


Empire Avenue

On Empire Avenue you can meet great people and learn a ton.

 Empire Avenue Peter Trapasso 11.12.12

Meet great people including many of the TOP social media gurus.  Learn a lot and make new friends.

FOLLOW ME on Empire Avenue Today!


I can share content on Triberr that can potentially reach 11 MILLION people.  Now that is power!

Triberr Peter Trapasso 11,000,000 Reach 11.12.12

Get invited to join powerful tribes and share your blog content far and wide on Twitter.

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Used by Autodesk, venture capital, blockchain tech clients and more! Hire me for your social media marketing needs. Social Media Strategist + Influencer with 15+ years Marketing Experience. Backed over 400 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco. Massive Followers: Twitter 50,000, Google+ 10,000, Facebook 3,000, and Pinterest 4,100.

17 thoughts on “Follow Me as I build my Social Networks and Revenue Streams into 2013! – Part 1 (November 2012)

  1. Thanks for sharing your interesting journey through Social Media. Although I am not sure how to monetize it, I see a lot of parallels in my own meanderings through SoMe. A year or two ago I barely know the names of the platforms, and now I have reasonable mastery.

    I am not sure what to think about the SoMe measuring platforms. They all seem really easy to game. Without any effort, my Klout bounced to the mid 70’s. I suppose I should spend some effort to see if I can get it to 80. Although that Klout score and a couple of bucks will get me small coffee at Starbucks.

  2. Great post Peter, I love how you have specific goals for the coming year. You remind me I need to document all my network goals. My story is similar to yours and I have been working hard at growing my social networks. I see great value in the networking more than anything else. I have met so many truly great people online. Let me know if I can be of help to you :]

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