Follow Me as I build my Social Networks and Revenue Streams into 2013 Part 3 December 2012

Follow Me as I build my Social Networks and Revenue Streams into 2013! – Part 3 (December 2012)

Happy Holidays!  

Welcome to Part 3 of my Follow Me as I build my Social Networks and Revenue Streams into 2013 blog post series.  You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Follow Me as I build my Social Networks and Revenue Streams into 2013 Part 3 December 2012

This is the first update since I began this series and things are underway now.  Almost all of my networks have grown significantly as you can see below.  I even had to revise my LinkedIn goal upward for 2013 because I achieved the 500+ level quickly!


I have organized this post into three major sections for easy reading.:

My Social Networks, My Social Scores, and finally My Revenue Streams.

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My Social Networks:




21,500 Twitter Followers (+1500 Followers), 100% REAL (98% Active), engaged people too!

I am the #191 (+3) Most Followed in San Francisco, CA and #287,833 (+26,722) globally.

My 2013 GOAL: 100,000 Followers AND Top 100 Most Followed in San Francisco, CA AND Top 25,000 Globally.

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1,739+ Facebook Friends (+139 Friends)

My 2013 GOAL: 5,000 Friends (Account Max)

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2,378 Pinterest Followers (+878 Followers)

My 2013 GOAL: 10,000 Followers

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1300+ Instagram Followers  (+800 Followers)

My 2013 GOAL: 75,000 Followers

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562 have me in Google+ Circles (+368 added me to their Circles)

My 2013 GOAL: Added to 20,000 Circles

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551 LinkedIn Contacts (+136 Connections)

My 2013 GOAL: 5000+ Followers (Revised up from 500+)

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327 Foursquare Friends (+202 Friends)

My 2013 GOAL: 1,000 Friends

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Empire Avenue

Share Price 160.51e (+31e)

Dividends/Share 1.32e (+.31e 30% increase!)

My 2013 GOAL: 400e Share Price

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My Social Scores:



My klout score is now 76 (+3), I am a Thought Leader, and #88 (+25) Klout Influencer!

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My Influence is 784 (+11) with an Outreach Level of 8 and I am now a Social Media VIP!

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Holding steady at 73 out of 100.

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My trust rating is up to 813 out of 1000.

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My Naymz RepScore dipped to 84 (out of 99 down from 89 previously).  I am still and Elite Member which is the highest possible rating.

My Social Influence Rank scores (Compared to other Naymz members):

Twitter = 99%

Facebook = 94%

LinkedIn = 97%

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Blog traffic for

As of 12.10.12 630 uniques/ month (+130)

My 2013 GOAL: 10,000 Unique Visitors per day


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My Revenue Streams:


1.  Fiverr

I launched my first Fiverr Gig of many.  So far I am halfway to achieving Level 1 Seller status.  Level 1 status requires me to be active on the site for at least 30 days with 10 completed orders and excellent ratings.

Order my social media product and service Gigs on Fiverr here:


2.  Freelance Writing

My freelance writing is steadily growing.  My writing specialties are social media, blogging, and tech.

Contact me with your Freelance Writing needs here.:


3.  e-books

Update:  It looks like my Instagram e-book will clock in at around 50 pages when finished!  As promised it will be available through my Fiverr account as a Gig here.:

My comprehensive Instagram guide will be invaluable to beginners and power users too.  This will be the first book in my Social Media Secrets series.

Here’s to a successful New Year!

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How do you build your social networks and revenue streams?  Do share your ideas in the comments below.

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Used by Autodesk, venture capital, blockchain tech clients and more! Hire me for your social media marketing needs. Social Media Strategist + Influencer with 15+ years Marketing Experience. Backed over 400 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco. Massive Followers: Twitter 50,000, Google+ 10,000, Facebook 3,000, and Pinterest 4,100.

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