Free Twitter Analytics Tools

Free Twitter Analytics Tools

Free Twitter Analytics Tools are available for you to use right now.  A ton of Twitter analytics tools are out there for you to try and I will share my favorites.  Some Twitter analytics will not be free much longer and others have both paid or “Pro” as well as free versions.  You do have options while we wait for Twitter to give us something built-in and available to the general public.

Twitter Analytics Free? Read On!

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Free Twitter Analytics Tools


This is my favorite Twitter analytics tool to date.  Crowdbooster was one of the best free Twitter analytics tools.  But it will only be free for a little while longer.  Starting in March 2013 you will need a paid account to use it.  On December 26, 2012 I received the following message from CrowdBooster, “We wanted to tell you that next week we will begin the transition to a *paid-only* service starting at $9 a month. You will get to continue using the free plan until March 1, 2013 – part of an extended trial period to help you plan for the transition.”  This is very tempting as I really appreciate this service.

The CrowdBooster dashboard looks great and is easy to use.  I really like the “Graph” vs. “Table” view by day, week, month, all, or custom.  You can quickly browse your total stats for a given time period or drill into a single tweet.  The data appears to be updated pretty much in real-time.  You can even have your stats delivered weekly to your email inbox.


SocialBro is available as both free Twitter analytics software (SocialBro free) and paid (SocialBro Pro) versions.  Sign up and synchronize your Twitter account.  If you are impatient, you can always upgrade to Social Bro Pro that offers automatic daily sync to save time.  The Dashboard makes it easy to view your account at a glance as it has grown over time.  There is a set of “Tools” that allow you to see “Real-time analytics”, “Sync influence data” (with PeerIndex), and “Best time to tweet”.  “Best time to tweet” is my favorite Tool option that we will discuss next.

It hooks up to your Buffer App so you can adjust your buffered tweets to go out at the best possible time.  Just run your SocialBro app and click the “Best Time to Tweet” tool in your dashboard.  You will be sent a notification email when your report is ready.  Click on the “Best Time to Tweet” tool in your dashboard again.  This time you will see your most current report.  Your options are to “Export PDF, Export HootSuite Schedule, and Config Buffer Schedule.”  I clicked on the “Config Buffer Schedule” button to synchronize my Buffer App tweet times to optimal.  It is recommended that you do this at least once per week.  Consult the Social Bro user Guide for more in-depth information.

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a great free analytics tool.  They claim to be the “#1 stats site powered by Twitter”.  You can see your Followers/Following counts by day week, month, or custom date range.  The paid options are Premium, Pro, and Pro Branded versions which range from $17 to $150 per month.  Check out it’s baby sibling Twitaholic which is focused on showing how your account ranks by followers count in your local area.


Use Twitaholic to find out where your Twitter account ranks vs. the top 1000 accounts or so. You can also determine where your account ranks based upon number of followers in your local area.  I am #187 in San Francisco and #25,000 globally right now.

Other Tools

HootSuite, which I keep open in a browser tab all day long, includes some free analytics if you use their link shortener.  Otherwise to get reports on Google Analytics or Facebook Insights you need to upgrade to “HootSuite Pro” for $9.99/mo.

TweetReach is also very cool to use.  Simply enter a URL or Twitter account username and it will generate a report for free using the 50 most recent tweets.  You can see my Twitter account as an example here:

My e-book on Instagram is coming soon and will be available here:

Many free Twitter analytics tools exist today for you to use, but the landscape has changed even since last May (2012) when I first tackled this subject for the Social Media Ledger.  CrowdBooster was the top free twitter analytics tool then and is still my “go to” favorite tool now, but will not be free to use after March 2013.  SocialBro has been beefed up and now offers a paid “Pro” version.  We are still waiting on Twitter who announced built-in analytics back in 2011.

What is your favorite free Twitter analytics Tool?  Share it with us in the comments below.

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  1. Excellent listing of tools for Twitter, Peter. I have been pretty lazy in the past year, and I only rely on Hootsuite to do it all, as a dashboard. I also use TwitterCounter and Twitaholic every now and then, but I think Social Bro will be on my hit list in 2013.

    Darn, here’s to addining another resolution to my list… 😉

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