Guest Blog on How To Use Pinterest Like a Pro

How To Use Pinterest Like a Pro

My guest blogger post is live on and I excited to be there today.    Read How To Use Pinterest Like a Pro and please share it too.  A high-level, executive summary.:

  • Make sure your images link correctly when you post them.
  • Include an appropriate description of your image.
  • Include a link in your description.
  • Include a watermark on your images and videos.
  • Share your pins often.

This blog, run by Michelle Schaeffer, is “dedicated to building your visibility, voice, and community online”

Born, and raised in Alaska Michelle lives in Anchorage with her wonderful husband, three beautiful children, a cat, and a tortoise. She has been online and creating websites since age 13 and coded hundreds of websites and thousands of pages.Ten years ago she began working from home as a VA/website designer and her business grew into lots of website design and ecommerce, then website hosting, and eventually a line of information products and this blog.
Stop by and give How To Use Pinterest Like a Pro as read.  Kindly leave a comment too.

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