How to increase your Twitter followers

How to increase your Twitter followers

I will show you how to increase your Twitter followers. The tips I share are mostly ways to get followers on Twitter for free. I built my account up from just 9 followers in November 2011 to over 36,500 today. This is the first installment of many, so read on!

How to increase your Twitter followers

How to get more followers?

That is a question I get all of the time. The simplest answer is to consistently share great content. It seems to help to choose topics that are consistent with your username or profile information. Go niche! If you are interested in or even an expert at something, say so in your profile and share that kind of content regularly.

Get followers on Twitter free

An old trick to get followers on Twitter for free still works great today. Follow people who look interesting to you or who might be interested in the content that you share. Many times they will follow you back. The law of reciprocation is alive and well. If you don’t deliver what they are looking for, they can easily unfollow you. This method is totally free except for your time. Remember, Twitter has limits on how many people that you can follow in a 24-hour period, so beware.

Gain followers on Twitter

A super way to gain followers on Twitter is to simple engage with others on a regular basis. At least once a day look at what people you are tweeting and “Reply.” The way to reply directly to a user is to click “Reply” and simply tweet, @username and your message up to 140 characters. You will be surprised at how often they answer back. Sometimes they will even follow you too if you seen interesting.

Build Twitter followers

By using a Twitter account management tool like Tweepi, you can really fine tune your targeting of followers. You build Twitter followers by hand and that means real work. The time you put into it will payoff. If your profile and tweets are of interest people will follow you back.

You can try Tweepi for free, just sign up and login with your Twitter account. The easiest task is following people. You can follow single or multiple people at a time. I usually give people a week or two to follow me back. If they don’t, I can unfollow with just as much ease. A great way to choose who to follow is by bringing up a list of any Twitter account’s followers or friends. Look under the “Follow Tweeps” drop-down menu and select either “@user’s followers” or “@users friends.” Type in the desired Twitter account username and go to work.

This just scratches the surface of Tweepi’s capabilities, so check it out now – Tweepi link. There also paid packages you can sign up for if you want more features.
What are your favorite ways to increase your Twitter followers?
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