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Instagram Photo Contests – How To Run Your Own

Instagram Photo Contest - How to Run Your Own

Instagram photo contests are a great way to gain followers and get more exposure for your product or service.  Today, I will teach you all the steps to run your own.  I will show you some great examples of daily and weekly Instagram photo contests too.

Instagram Photo Contest - How to Run Your Own

Instagram Photo Contest Basics

Five easy steps to launch an Instagram Photo Contest campaign

  1. Pick a contest theme and announce the dates to run it (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  2. Choose a nice prize to give away: your companies product, service (or someone else’s), or a promotion opportunity.
  3. Create your Instagram entry photo and caption it with the rules.
  4. Publish the image and promote your contest.
  5. Choose a winner after the contest closes and notify them.

How to Run Your Own Instagram Photo Contest

Here is an example of how you can establish rules and promote your contest.

Enter our monthly photo contest on Instagram!  Join this Instagram photo contest to win a great prize.

Please do the following to enter the contest:

1. Share your best Instagram photo between 2/1/13 and 2/28/13 (Photo must be yours)

2. Tag it with the hashtag #hashtag2013

3. Follow me on Instagram –

@petertrapasso http://instagram.com/petertrapasso

Do this before the end of the month.

One winner will be selected and notified March xx, 2013.

Looking forward to seeing your best shots!

Promote your photo contest on all of your social media accounts.  Promote it on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website, blog, and more.

Instagram Photo Contest Examples

Check out these examples of Instagram photo contests to get you started.

@ig_captures daily Instagram photo contest

@ig_captures runs daily macro photography contests on Instagram where the prize is a nice promotion of simply getting featured.

Winning entry example:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz007








@calendagram weekly Instagram photo contest

@calendagram runs weekly cute kids contests and has a great app you can download that lets you turn your Instagram images into calendars.  The prize is an example of offering your own product, a Calendagram calendar.

Entry rules in caption:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz008







Winning entry selected:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz006








Stay tuned later this week when I launch my own Instagram photo contest where the prize will be an example of the third type of prize outlined above, giving away someone else’s product or service.  After announcing the contest I will also deliver you the results at the end.

Now you have the tools to set up your own Instagram photo contest for fun or business.  Pick a contest theme and dates to run it.  Choose a prize of either your product or service, promotion, or someone else’s.  Create your Instagram entry photo and caption it with the rules.  Publish the image and promote your contest.  Choose a winner after the contest closes and notify them.  Rinse and repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

What was the coolest photo contest you ever saw on Instagram?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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