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Meet Justin Matthew the Fiverr King! – jmhhacker Interview

Justin Matthew jmhhackerRecently I had the privilege to interview Justin Matthew, a social media entrepreneur and top seller on Fiverr.  I found Justin on Facebook  and quickly realized that he was a top influencer and a great guy all around.  He is really at the top of his game right now.  Meet Justin Matthew, the King of Fiverr!



Q.  Peter  Trapasso(P): What is your preferred title and company name?

A.  Justin  Matthew(J): Justin Matthew, Social Media Manager at JMH Consulting, Inc.


Q.  P: Where are you located?

A.  J: Orlando, FL


Q.  P: How did you get your start?

A.  J: After working in finance for 8 years I needed a change.  I worked with Household Hackers on their viral YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/householdhacker that became 25th in World.  I managed their network (dealt with negotiations) and got them a great revenue deal plus some brand name sponsors.  I took over negotiations, researched and wrote 80 episodes, and was in 40 of them.  189 million+ Youtube views and 1.3 million subscribers to date. Revision3 broadcast their videos and Netflix, Ford, and others were sponsors.

I spent 2 years with Household Hacker guys then started building my own social networks.  I had a plan along.  With social media there is always something new something to learn.  And I let it lead me wherever it takes me.

As far as my social networks go, Google+ is #1 followed by Pinterest,  Instagram with 71K  (I took my 1st photo 1 year ago and I want 1 million followers), then Twitter.

Google+ is great for SEO and natural page ranking.  It seems like more followers equals higher rankings in Google Search results.  The old days of SEO stuff are over!

There is a 5,000 limit on people you can follow on Google+ (like Facebook profiles)

My #2 social network is Instagram with 71K followers.   I posted my 1st photo 1 year ago.   I spend about 1 hr per day on Instagram followed by Pinterest.

You need to do the hard work every day to make this work.  I put in a ton of hours learning and building up my social networks.

The results:

Social Networks

Twitter: 146k followers https://twitter.com/JMHHACKER

Instagram: 71k followers http://statigr.am/jmhhacker

Google+: 18k Have him in circles https://plus.google.com/u/0/113204619907190737614/posts

Pinterest: 9k followers http://pinterest.com/jmhhacker1/


Social Scores

Klout Score: 78, Thought Leader, and #12 Klout Influencer. http://klout.com/#/JMHHACKER

Kred: 991 http://kred.com/JMHHACKER

PeerIndex: 77 http://www.peerindex.com/jmhhacker


Justin is the #12 Klout Influencer today!*


Klout had a contest earlier this year where the Top 10 influencers in the Klout topic got to meet with the CEO.  Justin finished 5th and was one of the big winners!


Q.  P: I bought one of your Fiverr gigs with the extras and read through everything you sent me.  I took a lot of notes and it sounds like you have multiple revenue streams?

A.  J: My #1 revenue stream is Fiverr (Justin’s Fiverr Gigs page http://fiverr.com/jmhhacker).  I made 5 figures so far with my 20 gigs and extras.  You would be surprised as to who is buying gigs on Fiverr.  My #2 stream would be 4-5 Private Clients.  I also do consulting by phone with people all over the world and I am working on some other projects too. I plan on moving into some office space soon.


Q.  P: How are you so successful on Fiverr?

A.  J: The key to fiver is 100% positive reviews and the reviews are worth more than the $5 you charge for gigs!  Out of 5000 deliveries and a full 20 gigs reaching every network.   I have 100 percent ratings all raving reviews which is nearly impossible to achieve. I also have up to 5 helpers to fill all my orders and things have really taken off in the past 30 days.

I always under-promise and over-deliver.  I deliver 2-5x the value per order and get 100% positive reviews!

Also you need to be a Level 2 Seller – get there.  Start with at least 10 orders with good reviews to get to Level 1.  Then hit 50 orders with more reviews to get Level 2.


Q.  P: Do you use any of the Fivver Clones?

A.  J: Not even bothering with the clones.  Fiver is #140 (US) on Alexa and all the clones together <2%.


Q.  P: Do you have a blog?

A.  J: Both http://jmhhacker.com and http://thejmhhacker.com.


Q.  P: What is your blog traffic like?

A.  J: About 9000 visitors per day.  Mostly from Google+.  It’s all about the (social) networks.


Q.  P: What’s next?

A.  J: Ebooks.  A Fiverr ebook/guide is a best seller to be!


Q.  P: Any bonus tips for our readers?

A.  J: Continue building up your current accounts daily.

Here is a network you should be on – Empire Avenue.  I  joined 4 months ago and now have the 5th highest dividend!  I guess that there are maybe 20-30k members on Empire.  Learn how to run Missions.  Most of mine are run by my helpers.  Find a way to get to 1 billion eaves and cash out somehow ($100k?).  Open and account today and add and Empire Avenue link to your blog!

Find your talent as fast as possible and leverage it.

One more tip: Instagram = Fire for your blog.

Have you tried to sell anything on Fiverr?  Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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Used by Autodesk, venture capital, blockchain tech clients and more! Hire me for your social media marketing needs. Social Media Strategist + Influencer with 15+ years Marketing Experience. Backed over 400 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco. Massive Followers: Twitter 50,000, Google+ 10,000, Facebook 3,000, and Pinterest 4,100.

39 thoughts on “Meet Justin Matthew the Fiverr King! – jmhhacker Interview

  1. “Google+ is great for SEO and natural page ranking. It seems like more followers equals higher rankings in Google Search results. The old days of SEO stuff are over!” – I hope this is true! Thanks for the interview 🙂

  2. Interesting article. I like using Fiverr… Haven’t really sold anything on there for well over a year, but my best gig ended up landing me a relatively lucrative contract so that wasnt to be sniffed at.

    All good fun.

  3. Justin is an innovator in the field of online marketing! He can teach us all a lot about generator alternative income. Great article! Keep up the good work!

  4. Justin Matthew has truly inspired me a lot… he makes me believe in myself more and more… extreme motivation for me wanting to make a living on the internet and I learn a lot from reading stuff he posts all the time on the internet… he helps so many people and he’s a very judicious person overall. 🙂

  5. Great Interview Peter and you picked the best to interview! Justin great job as always and you are always willing to help people succeed. Thanks for taking the time to highlight a great guy Peter. I wish you both big success and great connection! I subscribed and see you are a great person to follow as well. I look forward to many more post from you.

  6. Justin is capable of anything I have seen this dude move social mountains for clients in need. I personally have seen the crazy amount of Pending and Completed orders via http://fiverr.com/jmhhacker . I want to personally say I would recommend This Social Media GURU DUDE for anyone in need of being able to become viral. He has taught me personally how to gain exposure and followers on Pinterest (I went from 70 followers to 1300 in a week) and also instagram (I went from 90 followers to almost 3700 in about two weeks) just to name a few. Justin aka #JMHHACKER is Extremely capable of conquering any social media site!

    I am proud to say, “I know that dude and to have him as a friend ”

    The ATLanta Computer Dude signing off!

  7. Well, I gotta say that Justin is the most dedicated person I’ve ever met, he sets a goal and he does whatever it’s need to be done to get there

    If he’s making an ebook, then it’s worth to buy it, he helped me a lot and that comes from the heart,.

    awesome interview!!

  8. Justin is a great influence on my social media hobby. He has inspired me to create goals that are not unreasonable but will still make money. Not only had he helped me through Fiverr but also through personal communications as well. Great guy and very informational interview!

      1. Great Interview, Peter! Justin Matthew is the social media KING! I’ve been following him on Twitter and Facebook for the past year, and have watched him grow into a social media giant. I am learning so much from him. Hope you continue to interview him in the future.

  9. Justin is a real success story. Obviously a good businessman and a great friend to have all around. Best piece of advice “I always under-promise and over-deliver.” Nice interview Peter. Keep up the good work.

  10. Great interview ….justins a legend had the pleasure to be influenced by him so much i have to wear sunglasses 🙂 but seriously he walks the talk no BS no FLUFF… have to hold my hand up and admit i did try sell on fiver many moons ago and it flopped big style but anything Justin touches turns to gold …… great interview Peter 🙂

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