Top 5 iPhone apps for 2014

Getting things done: Top 5 iPhone apps for 2014

Welcome to my top 5 iPhone apps for 2014 end-of-year roundup list. Yes, it’s that time of year again. I will give you a peek inside of my own personal toolkit.

Top 5 iPhone apps for 2014

Top 5 iPhone apps 2014

Facebook (free app)

I use this everyday to monitor my News feed and to quickly Like posts. According to comScore Mobile Metrix data from June 2014 , Facebook is also the number 1 mobile app by unique visitors. To be honest, I still use the desktop version in a Chrome browser tab to post and comment. You can’t beat a 27″ monitor.

More information on the Facebook app.

Dropbox (free app, paid monthly subscription)

I use the Dropbox app to sync my iPhone 6 Plus photos and provide a secure cloud backup rather than iCloud. You can’t beat 1 TB at $9.95 per month. And it gives me access to whatever I was working on my laptop as well. There are other players in the cloud storage realm, but I a very pleased with the leader, Dropbox.

More information on the Dropbox app.

Office on mobile devices (free apps, paid monthly Microsoft Office 365 subscription)

It is nice to have the defacto office productivity standard for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations available for viewing and editing on all of my devices via the cloud on my oneDrive. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are free apps for editing only. I pay the $9.95 monthly for my Office 365 subscription which gives me access to the fully-featured versions on both my iPhone and my desktop.

More information on the Office on mobile devices apps.

Health app from Apple (free app, required iOS 8)

Always working my 10,000 steps per day. And now I can track it too. The best part is, no other expensive wearable bands or accessories are required to use it.

The Health app comes with iOS 8.

Gunfinger (free app, in-app purchases available)

Elegant and satisfying, zombie-genre game. Some days you feel like you need to save the world. Now you can protect the last remnants of humanity from the zombie horde in your downtime. Check it out!

More information on the Gunfinger app.

Special mention and one to watch for 2015:

Quip (free app, subscriptions available for businesses)

I just started testing the Quip app about a week ago. It is great for document and spreadsheet creation from your iOS or Android-based smartphone. It even supports spreadsheets, but no charts or pivot tables yet. Where this app really shines is in its collaboration and chat features, more so than Google Docs or Microsoft’s offerings.

It is also very useful for list making, but can do much more. I use it for my daily grocery shopping list on my iPhone 6 Plus. It’s easy to check off items while I shop. Look for a more in-depth review in 2015.

More information on the Quip app.

There have been many changes in the past year when it comes to my app usage habits. The only one that carried over from my “Best iPhone apps 2013” list was Facebook.

What is your favorite app for 2014?