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I am available for hire

I am interested in projects involving social media, freelance writing, and analytics. In addition to building and running every facet of my own websites, I work with clients on their writing, social media management, and social media analytics needs.  I have helped them to improve their social media engagement and track their campaigns using Google Analytics.

As part of a 16+ year corporate career in technology, I worked for both Fortune 500 and startup companies.  Working in Sun Microsystem’s Web marketing department as a senior web publisher, I was responsible for multi-million dollar hardware and software product launches on, a large scale, enterprise-level web site for 11 years.  I also managed many hardware product pages on throughout their lifecycle.

I would prefer to work in San Francisco where I live, remotely, or off-site/on-site combination.  Full-time, part-time, contracting, or freelance work is appreciated.

  • Social media management and strategy: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest
    – Network building, content strategy, and analytics
    – Account creation, content creation, publishing, training, monitoring and measurement
  • Freelance writing: Blogging and article writing including content promotion, SEO, and keyword selection
  • Web Project Management
  • HTML (and some CSS)
  • WordPress 3 CMS with Thesis
  • Social media and Web Analytics: Google Analytics

Contact me at:

 Email: contact at petertrapasso dot com

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Peter Trapasso Recommendations as Social Media Independent Consultant for hire