Social media business intelligence

Social media business intelligence

Social media business intelligence is the convergence of two distinct disciplines. Business intelligence (BI) is where you dig into your data to identify trends and opportunities for development. After the data is analyzed you can create reports for marketers and strategists to use. Social media adds a continuous and Real-Time (RT) data dimension component to BI.

Social media business intelligence or SMBI data is gathered from content in social media feeds via application programing interfaces (apis). This data is both generated RT and can be anayzed RT for the first time. The content for analysis can range in size from your Facebook page stats all the way up to big data.

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Social media business intelligence

Business intelligence social media

When it comes to business intelligence social media, there area number of tools available from top software vendors. SMBI tools from startups to top tech vendors like Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce are easy enough for end users and powerful enough for DBAs (data base administrators) to customize. The challenge is integrating your social media data sources into your BI software

Social media business intelligence tools

Top 10 BI tools

1. SAP Business Objects
2. SAP Netweaver
3. IBM Cognos
4. SAS
5. Microsoft Business Intelligence
6. Oracle Hyperion
7. MicroStrategy
8. Webfocus
9. Informatica
10. Domo

To get social media data into your BI tool is hardly automatic at this point. Your options are to do it by hand coding, filtering and data cleaning yourself, hiring consulting services or buying a solution.

When hiring a consultant, there are different levels of service which can be categorized as low, medium, or high, each with proportional costs involved. At the low end you could have your Twitter account monitored and get inormation like the number of followers and their growth, plus how many brand mentions there are for your company or its competitors. At the mid-range you get additional networks monitored like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Some interpretaion of the data is offered for a monthly fee, consultion is extra if needed. At the high-end of the range, apis are used to process data RT. A database may be created and maintaind for historical data analysis as well. This option tends to be very expensive for most companies.

Here are some social media business intelligence tools and solution options for you.

Kapow Katalyst Platform (Kapow Software)

Kapow Katalyst Platform from Kapow Software provides a way to get unstructured social media data into your BI tool.

SAP Solution Extensions by NetBase (Netbase)
The SAP Solution Extensions by NetBase is specifically for users of SAP’s BI tools.

Unmetric (Unmetric)
Unmetric is a startup that provides Social media business intelligence to many of the top brands that are their customers.

SumAll (SumAll)
SumAll provides real-time cloud-based business intelligence analysis to clients of all popular social media networks.
Do check out: : Social media monitoring tools (Infographic).

Which social media business intelligence tools are you using?

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