Social Media network for dog owners: Where My Dogs At

by Peter Trapasso

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A new social media network for dog owners, Where My Dogs At is currently being beta tested. You can download the app for free for iOS or Android at the Apple App Store or Google Play online. According to a May 19, 2013 report in the Los Angeles Times, This could be the new Facebook or “Yelp for dogs.”

Social Media network for dog owners-  Where My Dogs At Social Media network for dog owners- Where My Dogs At
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“This may sound like satire, but it isn’t. Animal lovers are a huge market, and many people like to share pictures of their pets — especially on social networks.”

The app helps dog owners find great businesses and services for their dogs in their local area or wherever they may curently be located. Instead of “Checking-in” with your dog you simply “mark your territory”. User ratings are known as a “paw of approval”. You can follow both owners and dogs. You can also send messages, share photos, and post status updates to your news feed ike Facebook.

Where My Dogs At was founded by Jonathan Kolker and Gareth Wilson in 2011. This startup is located in Los Angeles rather than San Francisco or Silicon Valley. They were grad students at USC in the same program. They recieved funding to start their app from them and then later seed funding from StartEngine.

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