Statigram Web Viewer App is the Best Tool for Your Instagram Account

Statigram Web Viewer App is the Best Tool for Your Instagram Account

The Statigram web viewer is a truly amazing app for your Instagram account.  It is loaded with features that both extend and enhance Instagram.  And did I mention it is free?

Statigram Web Viewer App is the Best Tool for Your Instagram Account

Statigram was started in 2011 in France and 1 week after launch they had 20,000 users.  As of last August (2012) Statigram had 1 million users.  Simply sign in with your Instagram account to get started if haven’t already joined the party.

Top 5 Features of Statigram


1.  Statigram Viewer tab

The Viewer tab provides a number of great features which go beyond what you get in the Instagram app in its sub tabs.  The Feed sub tab allows you view the latest photos uploaded by everyone you are following.  You can go into the “My Followings” sub tab and create groups of people which can be used in the Feed to filter out all but those you which to see.  Under the My Photos sub tab you can see all of your photos and organize them into albums.  You have 5 viewing modes: grid, list one at a time with full details (hashtags, likes, comments, and captions), slideshow, number of comments or likes mode.  The Print sub tab lets you order prints and stickers made from your photos.  My Likes sub tab lets you view all of the photos you have liked in chronological order.  You have 3 viewing modes: grid, list, or slideshow mode.  My Followings shows each person you are following by order of when followed in a grid pattern.  Click on the circle icon in the lower right of the image of someone you are following to add them to a group.  The Populars sub tab shows you the most popular photos on Instagram in a grid pattern.

Statigram Viewer Tab

2.  Statigram Statistics tab

Under Statistics you can see your number of Followers and Followings trends and Followers growth over time.  You can also get scores such as “Love Rate” (number of Likes) and “Talk Rate” (number of Comments) which shows the score of your last posted photo and the previous 15.

And Snapshots are cool, shareable, metrics that you can get too.  My personal favorites are the Instagram activity view and Top Photos.

Statigram Web Viewer App Snapshots Instagram Activity

Statigram Web Viewer App Snapshots Top Photos





3.  Statigram Management tab


The Management tab contains a couple of sub tabs, Comments tracker and Private message.  The Comments tracker makes it easy to read and respond to each comment received on your photos.  You can also private message other Statigram users too.  This feature is currently missing from Instagram and would definitely be nice to have.


4.  Statigram Promote tab

The Promote tab provides a selection of links, feeds, and buttons that you can use to share your Statigram profile with the world.  Your Statigram URL makes it easy for people to find your profile.  My Statigram profile URL is for you to access me.  The feed tab and profile cover image are a great way to promote your Instagram images on Facebook.  You can add a gallery widget, RSS feed, or follow buttons to your blog as well.


5.  Use Statigram for your Photo Contests

Statigram is great for managing your Instagram photo contests.  Here is an example of my photo contest on Statigram:  Tags, likes, and comments are all viewable on a single page.  And it is each to share it using the “Repost this” button located at the bottom right of your image.

Statigram is tremendous and I think you will agree after using it.  Beyond just statistics the extended functionality of these app makes it a worthy alternative to just using the Instagram web viewer.  Use this handy rundown of the features and get started today.

Are you using Statigram yet?  Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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  1. Interesting tools, Peter. I have some clients who are starting to consider doing some more serious tactics involving Instagram, including contests, so getting a hold of metrics is becoming increasingly important.

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