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Follow Me As i Build My SOcial Networks and Revenue Streams part 5

Follow Me as I Build My Social Networks and Revenue Streams Part 5 February 2013

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Welcome to Part 5 of my Follow Me as I build my Social Networks and Revenue Streams blog post series.  Here you can read Part 4 here.

My social networks are still growing!

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Follow Me As i Build My SOcial Networks and Revenue Streams part 5



*Over 29,000 Twitter followers – 30k here I come!

*My Alexa ranking has improved by 79,328 globally and 133,529 in the US!


My Social Networks


29,257 Twitter Followers (+5298 Followers) that are 100% REAL, engaged people too!

I am the #66 (+1) Most Followed in San Francisco, CA and #206,647 globally.

My 2013 GOAL: 100,000 Followers AND Top 25,000 Globally.


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1,954 Facebook Friends (+29 Friendss

My 2013 GOAL: 5,000 Friends (Account Max)


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3,586 Pinterest Followers (+103 Followers)

My 2013 GOAL: 10,000 Followers


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2,425 Instagram Followers  (- Followers)

My 2013 GOAL: 7500 Followers


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1,552 have me in Google+ Circles (+106 added me to their Circles)

My 2013 GOAL: Get Added to 20,000 Circles


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741 LinkedIn Contacts (+22 Connections)

My 2013 GOAL: 5000+ Followers


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616 Foursquare Friends (+56 Friends)

My 2013 GOAL: 1,000 Friends


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Empire Avenue

Share Price 257.21e (+7e)

Dividends/Share 1.60e

My 2013 GOAL: 400e Share Price


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127 Yelp Friends (+7 Friends)

My 2013 GOAL: 1,000 Friends


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My Social Scores


My klout score is now 77 (+0). I am a Thought Leader and Klout Influencer!

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My Influence is 796 (+3) with an Outreach Level of 8.  I am a Top 1% Kred Social Media VIP!

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My blog Stats

Blog traffic for PeterTrapasso.com:

My blog traffic is steady since last month!

My 2013 GOAL: 100,000 Unique Visitors per month


Alexa Ranking

My Alexa ranking has improved by 79,328 globally and 133,529 in the US!

Global 793,689 (+79,328)

United States  217,531 (+133,529)


My Revenue Streams

1.  Fiverr

I have scaled back my Fiverr efforts.

Order my social media product and service Gigs on Fiverr here:



2.  Freelance Writing

Contact me with your Freelance Writing needs here.:



3.  e-books

Update:  Finishing up my Instagram eBook and it will be available on the Kindle store soon.


4.  Ads

*My blog is available for private ads.  Contact me here.:



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Used by Autodesk, venture capital, blockchain tech clients and more! Hire me for your social media marketing needs. Social Media Strategist + Influencer with 15+ years Marketing Experience. Backed over 400 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco. Massive Followers: Twitter 50,000, Google+ 10,000, Facebook 3,000, and Pinterest 4,100.