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Best iPhone apps - best social apps - Part 1 (Photo by CreativeCommons.org)

Best iPhone apps 2013: Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of my Top 10 social media apps list. If you somehow missed part one, you can view the first five here: “Top 10 social media apps – part 1.” My iPhone is usually attached to my hand and the best social apps to use are many. Some more greats are Foursquare, Quicklytics, AnalyticsPro, myRevenue and Yelp.

Best iPhone apps 2013 - best social apps - Part 1 (Photo by CreativeCommons.org)

Best iPhone apps 2013

Quicklytics and AnalyticsPro

I use both of these apps in tandem believe it or not.

Quicklytics (iOS, free) lets me check my raw stats fast. I usually switch between Today, Yesterday and Custom (This Month by day). If I need to drill down into the details I open AnalyticsPro (iOS, free). For instance If i want to see not only what my current Pageviews are for today so far but I also want to see what the top 9 Referral Sources, Top Content and Search Keywords too.

Tracking your analytics is crucial. The data produced will help you make business decisions and see exactly how much of your traffic is coming from where over multiple timeframes. This will allow you to perform testing and fine tuning, as well as allow you to ramp up your efforts on what is working best. I use the browser-based GA on my laptop, which allows me to easily drill into the data or even watch my traffic in real-time.


myRevenue (iOS, free) rules for fast Adsense account stats. You can see things like Revenue for today, yesterday, this month and last month. Click on the Statistics tab and you can drill down. Besides checking your stats for most any timeframe including by day, by week, by month or all time. I also like to check the performance of my individual Adsense ads. Remember ABT, Always Be Testing.


Social media apps for iPhone


Yelp (iOS, free) is super sweet too. I use it every time I am out. It is my go to source for information on restaurants, cafe’s and bars. Even better, when you travel you can get up to date info in most U.S. towns.

Get menu info, hours, attire, and even grab the phone number and give them a call quickly. And now with OpenTable integration, reservations are only a touch away. Even better would be the addition of UrbanSpoon for total reservation coverage, but OpenTable will do for now.



Foursquare (iOS, free) I use this one almost daily when I am on the go. I like to check in to my favorite places. I think that this also contribute to your Klout score as well? What is really cool is leaving recommendations with photos plus following your friends to see where they have been and reading their reco’s.

Best social media apps

10 more iPhone apps that I use quite a bit for you to consider:

Mail, Videos, Safari, iTunes, Stitcher, SHOUTcast, OpenTable, Associates, Notes (Take notes on my iPhone or iPad and email them to myself), Dropbox (everywhere! iPhone/iPad/laptops too). Don’t worry, more apps to be covered in the future.

What are your Best iPhone apps 2013?
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