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MavSocial can manage your campaigns, content, and social accounts

MavSocial can manage your campaigns, content, and social accounts

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I have been using MavSocial, Visual Content Management & Social Publishing software, for the past month and I am impressed with its capabilities. A full review of the software is available in my article, “MavSocial is a social media management platform that is worth a try.” Also check out my interview with Founder and CEO, Matthew Holden.

MavSocial can manage your campaigns, content, and social accounts

MavSocial can save you time by managing many of your social accounts from one, central place. Using their MavSocial PRO+ plan ($99 per month), which is their flagship offering, I was able to connect eight of my social media accounts with relative ease. Three Facebook pages and one profile, my Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tumblr channels were available for campaigns. If needed, popular Chinese networks like YouKu and Weibo are supported as well.


For those that work best visually like myself, MavSocial does a great job with visual content management and an integrated stock photo library. The software is fast and reliable from within a single browser tab. Those of us who tend to keep 10 to 20 tabs open at a time, all day long, can really appreciate this.


With 100GB of Amazon cloud storage for all of your visual assets, including images, audio and video, you will not run out of space anytime soon. I appreciated the option of uploading my own media or purchasing usage rights to images as needed. Under “Stock Images” you have access to 70 million of photos from Getty Images and Bigstock so far. You also get some very nice editing tools as well.


The Photo Editor is accessible when you click two times on an image in your library. Click once to select the image and a second time to open it in the editor. Once inside the editor, you will discover some useful and familiar image editing tools. You can crop or resize an image. And you can adjust the brightness, contrast or saturation. You can even draw directly on an image or apply text over it. Headshots can be cleaned up using the redeye, whiten and blemish tools.


Digital asset management is a breeze with the Digital Library. You can easily upload your own images (jpg, png, gif), audio files (mp3, mov, wav) and videos (mov, mp4, m4v). The maximum file size is 1GB. You may add metadata such as title, description and tags, to make your visual content easier to find later on. After you upload content, you can then create a new gallery or add it to an existing one.


By including so many useful and in-demand tools in one package really makes MavSocial shine. By being able to access all of your uploaded content and have the option to purchase more as needed is really nice. Creating new posts in the Post Manager is a breeze and the option to connect RSS feeds gives you another handy option to curate from.


Viewing your content in a planner that includes a table or list view and a day, week, or month calendar option is a nice, visual campaign management option. By selecting a single post, you can view the status of a campaign or edit a post. After editing a post, you can publish it again to your selected networks. This is great for posting the same content multiple times. You can change it enough, so that it is not a duplicate. Research has shown that showing your followers the same message more than once over time is effective since not everyone sees your posts at the same time.


Built-in analytics with ready-made reports save time for sure. You can get quite a bit of information just by monitoring them. This is on top of the quick Social Snapshots you can get for any of your connected networks via the Dashboard that is the default landing page when you log into your account. You can easily export your report data as Excel or PDF format or simply email it.


Besides being able to look at reports by campaign or connected social channel, a personal favorite of mine is the Short URL report tab. Here you can see total clicks by date over the specified time range. You also get referrer details, which can show where users of your content came from. And finally, a complete listing of all your shortened URLs by date, including the full URL and number of clicks received.


The Social Inbox practically eliminates the need to have tabs open for all of your social networks. You can access your feeds all in real-time, one more reason not to rely on Hootsuite for this feature. I love quickly scanning all eight of my connected social networks with ease, any time I like. Being able to drill down and isolate my feeds by individual campaign is also powerful.


I think that this is ideal for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) like my own. In a situation of a one-person shop like myself, MavSocial PRO+ plan is more than sufficient to get the job done. You do have a couple of options when you need to give access to MavSocial without compromising security and exposing your username and password credentials. For a fee you can add sub users and give them access through their own logins.


I found MavSocial to be extremely useful; you should sign up for a free account right now and see MavSocial in action! Sign up for your FREE account here: http://www.mavsocial.com/sign-up/


*Full disclosure: I received an invitation to use the MavSocial software. I received a complimentary copy of the Pro+ plan and am being compensated for my time and content reviews. The review is based solely on my experience.

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