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Matthew Holden, CEO Maventus (MavSocial)

CEO Interview: Matthew Holden explains how MavSocial software is a worthy part of your workflow

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I recently had the pleasure to interview the CEO and Founder of Maventus Group Inc., creator of MavSocial, Visual Content Management & Social Publishing software, Matthew Holden. A full review of the software is available in my article, “MavSocial is a social media management platform that is worth a try.”


Matthew Holden, CEO Maventus (MavSocial)
1. How did MavSocial come to be?

I’d been watching the entire portable media business for many years and in 2011 I saw the emerging trend of on-demand video and social media. I saw an opportunity to combine the two; visual content and social media publishing and hence MavSocial was born.

2. Where do you see MavSocial in 5 years?

We’re going to be the central content hub for businesses wanting photography, imagery, video and all things social.
I see enormous changes in the entire social space and increased convergence between social, on-demand tv, social wearables and business communications. Competition for marketers is only going to get more fierce and I want MavSocial to be a driving force to enable businesses to be more productive, efficient and ride the emerging social media waves

3. What are the unique benefits of MavSocial?

We’re operating in a niche segment of the social media pond. Marketers have to do more with less. They have to keep abreast of continual changes in social media and that takes time.

MavSocial provides a centralized platform for our users to store and manage all their photos, videos & infographics , plan all their campaigns and then publish to social media networks – all from one platform. And for our international customers the ability to publish in multi-lingual character sets

4. What are some of the challenges you see businesses having with their

Keeping their messages on track and telling their stories. I’ve seen so many businesses stuck in how to communicate let alone the tools to do it.
So they end up wasting considerable time going back and forth, changing messaging and, of course, trying to keep up to date with the technical changes of the social media networks then just adds yet another layer of complexity to businesses.

5. How exactly does MavSocial address these challenges?

Time. We save our customers time and money. Having everything in one location makes our customers lives so much easier.

6. What solutions does MavSocial provide?

There are really three core areas of MavSocial. Firstly there is our digital asset – or visual content – management system which is where users can upload, store and share photos, videos, audio files.

Our customers can also licence over 70 million stock images from companies such as Getty Images, BigStock photo and others – all within MavSocial

Secondly, MavSocial allows users, teams and brands to plan, create their campaigns, posts and schedule the publication to networks

Lastly is reporting. Marketers, CMOs, CEOs want to know information about what’s happening now. I know because I’m demanding like that too so we built specific reporting functionality that gives our customers the information they need.

7. What specific need in the marketplace does MavSocial meet?

There are just too many social media products out there and I think there is user fatigue of so many software products.

Many developers build products they think customers want but, in reality, it’s just great to have a particular feature.

MavSocial has been designed and built by marketers for marketers.

Social media software should be an enabling technology for businesses to achieve their strategies.

Where we fit in the marketplace is a niche area and MavSocial bridges the gap between managing digital content and social publishing in one platform.

8. What is your strategy for mobile?

Mobile is high on our agenda. MavSocial is a cloud based, software as a service platform so access for users has to not only be via web browsers but also from any device, anytime, and our mobile strategy encompasses that.

9. Will there be apps for iOS and Android?

Yes. We’re developing apps for both platforms. iOS is a great example of change for marketers. Apple releases a major change to their mobile platform every 12 months so there is just one example of the challenge for social marketers.
iOS and Android have the highest priority of any mobile solutions

10. When can we expect to see mobile apps available?

Early 2015 will see us release a major and highly innovative mobile app for social. It’s not been done before and for businesses it’s a game changer but I can’t release anything further just yet

11. In your opinion, which social networks will emerge next?

Within the United States there is constant updating and alignment to social media business model but I see the emergence and growth is in international markets. In the US social strategies all revolve around a US centric market but this is not the case. Social marketers need to think global and they need to get into the international networks which is where the real emerging markets are.

12. Who do you see as your primary competitors?

The social media publishing space is already saturated and I see a lot of those companies consolidating in 2015. Hootsuite is the giant of the publishing and are now acquiring companies to start to fill the gaps they have in their product set.

Salesforce and Adobe are all making large acquisitions in the space but whilst they’re competitors, our price point, niche solution and focus on product relevancy for our customers gives us a significant advantage in a like-for-like comparison

13. How quickly can MavSocial respond to changes in the major social
network’s functionality?

This is one of the reasons why customers invest in our platform. Major social networks are continuously changing and we’ve seen many changes in recent months and this won’t stop.
Being a fast growth emerging company with a keen eye on what’s happening now and in the future enables us to be nimble and adaptable to requirements. We act quickly to understand what’s needed and do it.

14 Does MavSocial plan to grow organically or seek venture capital to

For MavSocial to grow there will have to be a couple of acquisitions along the way. The challenge to that growth and building a solid business is access to capital.
Today we’re growing organically but to accelerate our growth some financial partner will be needed but who that might be is still unknown but I’m sure we’ll find someone that shares our vision.

15. What could MavSocial do better?

As a fast growth, emerging company you make mistakes along the way. But my focus is always building the best product and honoring the trust our customers; whether they are free users, professional edition or enterprise, put in us.

We have new customers joining us every day and, when I can, I take the time to personally call some of them to say hi, introduce myself and let them know they can contact me.

Business is about people and communicating. I love hearing what our customers do – that’s just one way how you build a business and can be better.

16. What skill set is required for a customer to use MavSocial successfully?

MavSocial is for business users so the design and intuitiveness is there for users but, like any industry, a knowledge of social marketing is needed.

17. Is there a user community for MavSocial?

A user community is essential to move forward. It’s how you improve your product and, of course, we’re in a social world now so feedback is great. We’re working toward formalizing a more improved structure for users.

18. Will MavSocial be looking to the developer community to extend and
enhance software functionality?

Being a SaaS product there isn’t a developer community for the product at the moment. However, there are some product extensions that will be available in 2015 and I do see the developer community playing an increased role.

19. Why is the vision of your company important to you?

A vision is my compass. It enables me to work out and set the tone, the culture and the direction of the business and our entire company to deliver on that. One advantage of the MavSocial team is our adaptability to market circumstances. Change requires us to be fast and we do that very well.

20. How would your peers describe you?

I’d say demanding! Business doesn’t wait, and slow, lethargic performance isn’t acceptable to me in the social media sector. My job is to align our team to deliver my vision and build better products ahead of the competition. Our customers demand performance and so do I and that’s why MavSocial will succeed.

21. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Every day is a new challenge and, personally, I look forward to learning about who are new users to MavSocial. That’s a buzz for me because we have such a diversity of users, who all face those same social media marketing issues, it’s really rewarding to know we’re providing the tools to help these businesses grow.

22. How will MavSocial increase its brand awareness?

To me the brand is sacrosanct. It’s what sets you apart and it’s the beacon for your products and services. Social media, personal interaction with the blogging community, video and podcasts all feature highly for us

23. What are your goals for MavSocial?

To make our platform the number one social media platform for the SMB sector. One of the great things about SaaS software is that’s scalable and with scale comes profitability. We reinvest profits back into our business so that enables us to build even better products.

We’re also looking to grow so finding people who want to be on this incredible journey is really important for us

24. Who do you look up to and why?

Richard Branson. He’s been able to create and ride the highs and the lows of business. He was at his lowest when he had to sell his beloved Virgin Music but he had to have a pragmatic approach to the market. To me, developing and enjoying building a business is superb but also managing and leading is equally important and I think Richard Branson does that well.

25. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Infinite wisdom. But if I had that as a superpower I wouldn’t make and learn from mistakes. It’s ok to make mistakes but the real value is to not make them become a habit.

I found MavSocial to be extremely useful , you should sign up for a free account right here and see MavSocial in action! Sign up for your FREE account here: http://www.mavsocial.com/sign-up/

*Full disclosure: I received an invitation to use the MavSocial software. I received a complimentary copy of the Pro+ plan and am being compensated for my time and content reviews. The review is based solely on my experience.

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