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Social customer care and engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social customer care and engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social customer care and engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social customer care and engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social customer care and engagement is the theme for today’s new infographic. It was provided by Social Sprout from their “The Social Customer: Highlights from The Sprout Social Index” report. This in-depth report looks at over 160 million inbound messages from 20,000 brand Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Data was collected from 15 different industries. Read on for the top 7 findings and recommendations.

Top 7 Findings:

  • Customers engaging with brands is definitely on the upswing.
  • User engagement is growing nine times faster than social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • When it comes to engaging with consumers, both the entertainment and utility industries are growing the most.
  • Engagement performance and response times vary from industry to industry. Business services and utilities have the shortest response times. Banking/finance and utilities have the highest response rates. The real estate industries could benefit the most being second-to-last in both response time and rate.
  • Overall response rates are dropping significantly and a whopping 80 percent of all customer inquiries go unanswered. This leaves much room for improvement as many adults have social media accounts and look to social for customer care.
  • On average brands receive 3 inbound requests per month from Twitter for every 2 they get from Facebook per 1000 fans or followers respectively.
  • Average response times to customer inquiries for brands are on the rise and needs to be addressed this year.

Top 7 Recommendations:

  • Build your social team to be responsive.
  • Include your most experienced customer-facing staff on the team.
  • Use the right software tools.
  • Determine which metrics are most important to your business and use them.
  • Make sure your replies are conversational not overly promotional.
  • Enable the appropriate departments inside your business to share tools and data.
  • Be careful about prioritizing certain customers above the rest. Hire additional resources to handle the volume.

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The Social Customer Infographic” by Sprout Social

The Social Customer Infographic

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What methods does your company use to manage social customer care and engagement?

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(Infographic source: Sprout Social)

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