Top 10 Instagram Apps

Instagram and bunch of great related apps have taken social media by storm this year.  I will do my best to show you some of my favorites and how they work to your advantage here today.  I am also writing an Instagram e-book (to be available on Fiverr soon) which will be the first in a series of social media guides. e-book on Instagram is coming soon and will be available here:


The 2 main types of Instagram apps are browser-based and mobile (iOS and Android platforms).  Browser-based apps work in your web browser.  Mobile apps are for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  Here is a list of my personal Top 10 Instagram Apps for you.:


Top 10 Instagram Apps


1.  Insta Weather Pro (iOS)

This app makes it very easy to share new pics with a local weather report daily.  I like to take a quick pic during the day and then add one of the weather report overlays to it.  People seem to really engage with these types of images.  Insta Weather Pro is 0.99 and a bargain!

Insta Weather Pro Photo Dec 12, 2012 San Francisco






Insta Weather Pro (0.99)

2.  Labelbox (iOS and Android)

With Labelbox you can add text directly on your images.   This is my favorite way to make quick images with labels for blog posts.

Labelbox (free)

3.  Instafollow (iOS)

Manage your followers quickly with Instafollow.  With its simple interface you see who is not following you back or who just unfollowed you.

Instafollow (free)

4.  RansomGram (iOS)

Turn your Instagram photos into 80s style ransom note artwork in minutes.  Just a fun flashback for you.  Experiment to find the right number of characters to use.  Too many might fill up the entire screen.

RansomGram (free)

5.  TouchRetouch (iOS and Android)

Edit out parts of your images with TouchRetouch.  This app makes taking out unwanted people and background objects a breeze.  The free version creates a watermark on your images.  The paid version costs 0.99 cents and is watermark-free as well.

TouchRetouch Pro (0.99)

6.  Webstagram (browser-based)

Webstagram provides some of the viewing features already available in the latest version of the Instagram browser-based app.  Two of the things it does best is provide up-to-date lists of photos and tags that are most popular.  Under “Popular” you see which photos are most popular by number of Likes.   Under “Hot” you get to see the “Top Filters” used in the Popular photos plus “Top 100 Tags” and “Top 100 Instagramers”.

7.  Statigram (browser-based)

Statigram is one of the first and best browser-based apps to provide you with stats for your Instagram account when you are signed in.  It also provides a Viewer where you can see all of the people you are Following newest photos in one place. You can even create groups to filter the results if you want.  Under “Statistics” you can see your number of Followers and Followings trends and Followers growth over time.  You can also get scores such as “Love Rate” (number of Likes) and “Talk Rate” (number of Comments) which shows the score of your last posted photo and the previous 15.

8.  Hashgram (browser-based)

Hashgram is an Instagram search engine.  You can search by tag, username, and what’s popular.  Tag search is a great feature here.  If you type in “sanfrancisco”, you can see all of the latest photos on Instagram tagged #sanfrancisco.

9.  Instacanvas and Canvas Pop (browser-based)

Get high-quality Giclee printing on canvas of your photos and order your own masterpiece.    Canvas Pop allows you to upload your pics from Instagram or Facebook.  Instacanvas gives you more options including prints, greeting cards, and iPhone cases too.  They will also let you sell your work in their online store.

10.  See Also: Casetagram and Stickygram (browser-based)

Casetagram lets you design your own custom iPhone/iPad/Galaxy case using one of your Instagram photos.  With Stickygram you can order your own Instagram magnets.


My e-book on Instagram is coming soon and will be available here:


Instagram Tip:

Size does still matter.  You will tend to get more likes and comments on your photos if you have more followers.  In addition people are more likely to follow you if you already have a large following.  You need to build your account up by adding mow followers or following back selectively on a regular basis.  In addition to posting great content you also need to Like and Comment on other folks too.  And don’t forget to say “Thanks” when people Comment on your stuff.  A great format is “Thank You” followed by or preceded by the users name “@username”.  i.e. “Thank You @petertrapasso!” works great.


Even MORE Instagram Apps here:

Instagram – Android Apps on Google Play


So I gave you my Top 12 instead of only 10.  Remember, you get maximum value around here!  This is only a small list of what is available and more apps are released all the time.  With a nice combination of the right browser-based and mobile apps you have a ton of image sharing power at your fingertips.

What is your favorite Instagram app?  Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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