Top 5 Instagram Apps

Today I will share my personal top 5 instagram apps for January 2013 with you.  I hope you enjoyed part 1, “Top 10 Instagram Apps” in December 2012.  This round we review Hipstamatic, Emoji and Unicode Icons, Photo Caption Extreme, Repost for Instagram, and Instawhere.  Have fun!

Top 5 Instagram Apps


1.  Hipstamatic (iOS) $1.99

Hipstamatic is one of the original “old school” iPhone photography apps.  Although it is a standalone app, you can easily connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to it so that you may share the photos you take with it.  And Hipstamatic app for iPhone has been around even loger Instagram dating back to 2009.  Fine tune that vintage look by choosing different combinations of lenses, flashes, films, and cases.  When you find one that you love, just save the whole setup as a favorite.  What’s also cool: you can order prints from within the app for a fee and choose from more than 10 expansion packs for 0.99 each.

Hipstamatic $1.99

2.  Emoji and Unicode Icons (iOS) Free

Emoji Icons.  Say What?   Emoji Icons, which are a specialized collection of emoticons, are back and better than ever in this versatile app.  Over 1500 emoticons are available to you now.  Click on the ones you want and they are added to the Clipboard.  Open your Instagram app  and paste them into your photo caption or comments with ease.  For some reason the emoticons do not render properly in the web based viewer yet.  But they look fine elsewhere such as the Instagram app itself.  A long as you don’t over do it, they are a fun way to draw more attention to your captions and make your image stand out in the feed.

Emoji and Unicode Icons Free

3.  Photo Caption Extreme (iOS) Free

Photo Caption Extreme is a free and simple way to overlay captions on your images. Open the app and either take a new photo to caption or choose an existing one from your camera roll.  Click on “Custom Caption” and write your own to overlay the image.  Next, save it to your Photo Library.  Open up Instagram app and choose your image from the Library.  Make any last adjustments, add a caption, and post it.  This app works well and is work more than the price, free.

Photo Caption Extreme Free

 4.  Repost for Instagram (iOS) Free

This app is a life saver.  Unfortunately Instagram does not provide an easy way to share or repost other users photos yet.  You could go through the trouble to download and then re-upload an image that you love on Instagram, but it is kind of messy and a bit of a pain.  And there is no clean way to give the original poster attribution other than a shout out like, “Great shot via @petertrapasso” in the caption.  Even if you add a link to the original, it is not clickable.  With Repost, all you need to do if chose a photo using the app in any of a number of ways.  You can look at your feed, search by username or hashtag, browse photos you have “Liked”, select a follower or someone that you are following, and more.  Once you pick an image decide where to position the repost overlay (at the top, bottom, right side, left side of the image) and click the “Repost” button.  Boom!  Done.  Open up Instagram, add your caption and any other finishing touches, then post it.

Repost for Instagram iOS app from Top 5 Instagram Apps

Repost for Instagram Free

5.  Instawhere (iOS) 0.99

This app was designed by a UK 17 year old!  Instawhere lets you browse Instagram photos by location using Foursquare data, as long as the photo is geotagged.  It is a bit of a mashup but nonetheless impressive and useful.  It does cost 0.99 cents on the iTunes App Store but it goes to help a young developer create more great stuff for all of us to use.

 Instawhere 0.99


Tip:  Another way to add emoji icons to your Instagram comments is by using the commenting feature of Statigram.  Log in to statigram and choose a photo to comment on.  Look below the comment window and you will find hundreds of emoji icons that you can use.  Enjoy!

Tip:  iOS includes a built-in Emoji keyboard option! I have updated the instructions for you from the Apple Support web page.:

“iOS offers several hundred emoji that you can access using the emoji keyboard.

To enable emoji from the keyboard settings in iOS:

  1. Tap Settings > General > Keyboard
  2. Tap Add New Keyboard
  3. Tap Emoji

Once emoji is enabled, you can access the emoji keyboard by tapping the globe icon to the right of the space bar.  Choose and type your emoji icons.  Click the globe icon again to return to the standard keyboard.”


So there you have it, this month’s top 5 Instagram apps.   Stay tuned for more of the best instagram apps in February.


Have you used any of these apps?  Tell us which ones and share your own favorites below.

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